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End of the Golden Gate Bridge View?

A very small, but extremely vocal, group of folks are once again campaigning heavily to have a suicide prevention barrier installed on the Golden Gate Bridge. Personally I believe a suicide prevention barrier on Handguns would be a much better … Continue reading

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“Nu-cu-ler” Energy & More Oil!

I caught an old speech by President Bush in which he was discussing the U.S. need to be less reliant on oil from the Middle East. – I agree. He then went on to say this is why we need … Continue reading

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Could You Pass 8th-Grade Math?

Fox Television is asking “are you smarter than a 5th grader?” and most of the contestants are not! President Bush’s “no child left behind” campaign has most of the states implementing standards for academic achievement. The news reports low pass … Continue reading

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If I were Emperor of the known Galaxy

I have often thought of how difficult it is for a President to actuallly get anything done. How changes for the better of all of us could be more easily implemented by an Emperor with absolute authority to say I’m … Continue reading

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Rude language gets children’s author expelled

Bum, bogey, fart, crap and a joke about Harry Potter not being “the only gay in the village” would not cause much shock in the playground. But when a bestselling author turned the air a pale shade of blue during … Continue reading

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